'Greatest hits'

The most popular posts on this blog to date:

1. MA or DELTA?
2. Does Swearing show a lack of IQ
3. Skimming and scanning
4. left brains and right brains in TEFL 
5. Learning styles: facts and fictions
6. The Myth of Neat histories 
7. Misapplied linguistics 
8. is Korea the worst place to teach English 
9. Try this it works! Error correction
10. Crystal balls 

Some of my favourites

1. The importance of evidence part 1, part 2 and part 3
2. E=MC hammer
3. It's a man's world
4. Can horses do maths
5. Cargo cult science
6. The least worst solution
7.  Lessons in the bleeding obvious
8. Fantastic Dr. Fox
9. Prediction
10. How to create your own TEFL method
11. is guessing from context a load of XXXXX?
12. Boooo, Hurrah! 

Other notable posts 
1. New Oriental debtate
2. Student feedback dos and don'ts 
3. Thought terminating Cliches 
4. deep man
5. Hubbard or Gattengo
6. Teaching is an art, not a science!
7. What Richards and Rodgers don't tell you

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