A page for those seeking mid-career ELT jobs. 

The good people at AusELT group tell me the best place to search for Aussie jobs is English Australia and seek.

I'm told this is a good site for those seeking jobs in Ireland. 

University jobs can largely be found by searing the JREC. best to search for things like TESOL or applied lingusitics. A masters degree is likely to be be a minimum requirement. 

There doesn't seem to be one site which offers good info about university jobs in Taiwan. Every now and again they are advertised on TEALIT but the best strategy seems to be applying to the university directly. You legally need a Masters degree for these jobs. 

Jobs teaching EAP in the summer are plentiful and can be found on Another good place to look, particularly for more permanent jobs is the BALEAP webpage

If you know any other good sites or info about the country you're in then please leave it in the comments or email me. 

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